Sunday, 10 December 2017

Counterfeit Conspiracy out now in Audiobook

Hello from snowy London. Counterfeit Conspiracy is out now as an audiobook from Audible, iTunes, and Amazon. Book 12: Britain's End will be out in January (apologies).

Counterfeit Conspiracy: In 2019, the AIs went to war. Millions died before a nuclear holocaust brought an end to their brief reign of terror. Billions more succumbed to radiation poisoning, disease, and the chaotic violence of that apocalypse. Some survived. They rebuilt. Twenty years later, civilisation is a dim shadow of its former self, and crime is on the rise. During the investigation of a routine homicide, Police Officer Ruth Deering prevents a group of Luddites from destroying the telegraph. This act of sabotage is only the beginning. As arrests are made, and criminals are caught, evidence emerges that the saboteurs are connected to the AIs, the counterfeiting, and to the assassination. The shadowy figure behind the conspiracy must be unmasked before their fragile democracy is destroyed.

Surviving the Evacuation 12: Britain's End will (probably) be out in January. I'd hoped to have it finished before Christmas, but to meet the pre-holiday publishing dates for Amazon & iTunes it would need to be finished by the 16th December, and it's just not there yet. There's not too much to do, but life has become a tad hectic, I don't want to rush it (either life or publishing ;) )

Despite the name, this isn't the last book in the series, though I hope to finish this arc in either Book 13 or 14, and then plan to jump the story forward a few years. Before Book 13, I plan to publish a novella about an FBI agent, and Lisa Kempton. This was originally going to be the prologue to Book 12, but, while interesting and important to the overall story, isn't strictly relevant to the plot in this book. Nonetheless, it is quite cool, so that will be out early in the New Year.

The audiobook for Book 11 should be out before/around Christmas.

Happy listening, and enjoy the snow (or, if you're me, enjoy watching the snow fall while sipping tea while inside, in the warm.)

Frank. :)

Friday, 3 November 2017

Serious Crimes (Strike a Match 1) is out now as an audiobook

Serious Crimes (Strike a Match 1) is out now as an audiobook.

In 2019, the AIs went to war. Three days later, the EMP from hundreds of nuclear bombs destroyed the infected circuits. Billions of people succumbed to radiation, starvation, and disease. But millions survived, and they rebuilt.

Twenty years later, a ceremony is being held to mark the first transatlantic broadcast since the Blackout. The Prime Minister of Britain and two of the Presidents of the United States will speak to an audience of nearly 10 million people. Not all are celebrating. Crime is on the rise, and power is once again a prize worth murdering for.

Ruth Deering, a new graduate from the police academy, doesn't care about ancient history or current affairs. She only joined the force to escape the smog-infested city. Those hopes are dashed when she is assigned to the Serious Crimes Unit, commanded by the disgraced Sergeant Mitchell. Her first case appears to be a simple murder, but the investigation uncovers a counterfeiting ring and a conspiracy that threatens to destroy their fragile democracy.

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Happy listening,

Frank :)

Friday, 27 October 2017

Strike a Match 3: Endangered Nation, out now

In 2019, the AIs went to war. Three days later, hundreds of nuclear missiles were launched. The electromagnetic pulse destroyed the machines, but the radiation and ensuing famine nearly destroyed humanity.
By 2039, civilisation had regressed to the age of steam, but newer technologies were on the horizon. The future looked bright until the warlords swept through Europe. Villages and towns were laid waste, the few thousand people who’d hacked out a life in the continental wasteland were butchered. It was only when the barbarians reached the British garrison in Calais that they were stopped. And so, another war began.
In Dover, life goes on. Food needs to be grown. Children need to be taught. For Ruth Deering, the city’s newest police officer, crimes need to be solved. When an artist is murdered, an investigation begins that will take her far beyond the city’s walls and, ultimately, determine the fate of their fragile democracy.

Set in Britain and France, twenty years after the world we know was destroyed.

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Paperbacks are available from Amazon now, and should be available to order from your local bookshop or library early next week.

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The audiobook will be recorded in November. (Serious Crimes, the first novel in the series, is now with Audible, and should be out in a few weeks.)

Coming Soon: Surviving the Evacuation 12: Britain's End

Happy reading,
Frank :)

Friday, 20 October 2017

Audiobook, Surviving the Evacuation 10: The Last Candidate, out now

Surviving the Evacuation 10: The Last Candidate, is out now as an audiobook.

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(It should be live on Amazon Australia, Canada, Germany and other sites within the next few hours, and on iTunes by tomorrow morning.)

Nine months after the outbreak, 10,000 survivors have found a refuge on the Welsh island of Anglesey. Hordes of the undead ravage the wastelands of Britain and Ireland. Satellite images show that the rest of the world is no better. Food, fuel, and ammunition are running low and there are no more old-world supplies with which to replace them. Intended as an alternative to a slide into despotism, an election is called. It is hoped the contest will bring forth solutions to the myriad crises facing this last bastion of humanity.

After the favoured candidate is hospitalised, suspicion falls on the new frontrunner, a publican who purchased his support with an impossible promise of a return to the pre-apocalyptic world. With no viable candidate, and no way of calling off the election, those who still have access to a ship plan their departure; others plan to rig the contest; a few give up on all plans for a future beyond tomorrow. Anglesey is on the verge of collapse, and humanity is on the brink of extinction.

Happy listening & Have a great weekend,

Frank :)

Friday, 8 September 2017

Do you have a zombie plan?

The polling company, YouGov, conducted a survey of Brits, asking how many had a zombie plan. Only/as many as (delete as appropriate) 11% have.

The survey then went on to ask what that zombie plan was. In that spirit, I thought I’d share my zombie plan:

1. Stay put, catch up on my reading until my kindle runs out of power.

2. Go to Bill’s house (it is a real house) and have a look around (I’ve never been inside.) Hopefully find another kindle and catch up on someone else’s reading.

3. Go to the British Museum and ‘rescue’ the Rosetta Stone (just because), travelling via the Tower (natch) to stock up on weapons (particularly that hanger of King George), saying ‘hi’ to any warders, or readers who’ve taken refuge there.

4. Go to the British Library and find the paperback versions of all the other books on my reading list.

5. Debate whether it would be too ironic to write a journal detailing the history of the zombocalypse.

Books Update:

Strike A Match 3: Endangered Nation is almost finished (Woohoo!) I’d hoped to have it out before the 27th September as that’ll mark the 4 year anniversary of publishing Book 1: London and Zombies vs The Living Dead, but I’ve become a little distracted by George Tull and a scene in Book 12. I’ve only got a few minor details to tweak, so, when I do get back to it (probably next week) there isn’t much to do and I may well meet that deadline.

As to why it’s taken so long to finish this book, the short answer is that I was trying too hard to make it a detective novel (a Sherlock Holmes novel if I’m honest) but while it has an investigation at it’s core, this story is far more about life twenty years after the apocalypse. As to what it specifically is about, the only hint I’ll give now is that Book 4 will finish this arc, and it’s called ‘Over By Christmas’ (and I’ll have it published in 2018) More on this in a week or so.

Audiobooks: Serious Crimes (Fiona Hardingham) and Book 10 (Tim Bruce) are both being recorded at the mo. Both books have been delayed a little as both narrators have been busy with acting gigs over the summer, but both should be out in October.

Surviving the Evacuation: While the main story is set in stone, I had a major rethink about which characters were best to tell it. I don’t want to give too much away in case I change my mind again, but it looks like Books 12 & 13 will finish this arc, will feature at least one chapter each set in Belfast, London, and Anglesey, and that, hopefully, it will feature a slightly extended, action-packed prologue set in the U.S. before the outbreak.

Have a great weekend (and if you’ve not done it yet, do remember to create a zombie plan.)

Frank :)

Monday, 7 August 2017

Audiobook - Surviving the Evacuation 9: Ireland - out now

Surviving the Evacuation 9: Ireland is out now as an audiobook.

Within hours of the first outbreak, Manhattan was overrun by the living dead. Within a few days, the undead had reached every corner of the globe.

There was no evacuation of Northern Ireland, and no quarantine in the Republic. A naval blockade prevented ships from docking, but they didn't prevent those who could reach the coast from fleeing by sea. Those who were left behind took refuge in castles, police stations, churches, military bases, and any other buildings with strong walls. The walls weren't strong enough.

Eight months later, Bill and Kim are stranded on the southwestern Atlantic coast of the Irish Republic. They know that there is a safe haven on Anglesey, but that is hundreds of miles of undead Ireland and a treacherous sea crossing away. They begin a journey on which they will have to rescue the innocent and confront the past before they can embrace the future.

Set on the island of Ireland eight months after the outbreak, this is the next volume of Bill Wright's journals.

Available from

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It should be available on iTunes in the next few hours.

Book 10 & Strike a Match 1: Serious Crimes will be recorded in September. 
Happy listening
Frank  :)

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Surviving the Evacuation 11: Search and Rescue, out now

Not all survivors are to be trusted. Not all the conspirators are dead.

February: Within hours of the outbreak, the quarantine was sabotaged. Within days, the world was gripped by civil war.

March: When the lights finally went out, billions were dead. Millions more had joined the ranks of the undead.

May: Anglesey has become home to nearly ten thousand survivors from across the Atlantic. While there is still danger from the undead on the mainland, there is hope. Hope that the zombies might die, hope that the electricity supply might be restored, and hope that more survivors will be found. Hope is not enough. Sergeant Branofski and Chester Carson venture into northern Wales to set up a network of safe houses that will provide a route to Anglesey for those still trapped in the wasteland. Though they find survivors, they discover something far worse.

September: Nowhere is safe from the living dead, not even The Tower of London. The ancient fortress has become home to nearly a hundred people. Food is scarce and the undead are many. The survivors are doomed unless help can be found, but the only place it can come from is Anglesey. Eamonn Finnegan sets out alone to seek their salvation. He never reaches Wales.

November: In her heart, Greta knows that Eamonn is dead, yet she has to look for her lost love because he would look for her. Chester joins her in the futile quest to ensure the search doesn’t cost Greta her life. Before their journey has barely begun, they discover an old foe that they thought was dead.

Set on Anglesey and in London, near Wrexham and in Birmingham, while hope is fading for the last survivors of humanity.

Available from:

Amazon UK - Amazon .com 

Happy reading,
Frank :)