Friday, 27 September 2013

Evacuation Map

The Evacuation map of Britain showing the  proposed enclaves based around the islands, ports, oil refineries and nuclear power plants, and the zone to be abandoned to the undead. 

This map originally formed part of the evacuation plan submitted to Jennifer Masterton MP and the Emergency Coalition Cabinet, after it became apparent that the country would not be able to feed itself nor survive a major outbreak after the infection spread throughout the world.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Author's Note

Not wanting to pad out the book or confuse the "look inside"/"preview" features of the ebook stores, I didn't include an Authors Note in the ebook editions of the novel or short story. Instead I include them here. 

I am planning on releasing a series of four novels within the "Surviving The Evacuation" series. The first three are the first person diaries of Bartholomew "Bill" Wright and the survivors he meets as he wanders the wasteland that is Britain, searching for an explanation as to how the undead came to stalk the Earth. The fourth book, a third person narrative (and the book I wrote first) is set ten years later and is set in The United British Commonwealth, one of the few functioning societies left on the planet.

It has little in common with the Britain of today, but nor is it a vision of a grim dsytopian future (except in that the undead still plague most of the major landmasses of the world). It is a society where police patrol the streets after dark, not to suppress the populace, but because there are walking horrors stalking the night. Where everyone is armed, not because they distrust their neighbours, but because at all times they must be ready to protect them. Where everyone wears stout, reinforced leather, not out of some state mandated requirement for uniformity, but because that is the most readily available form of protective clothing. Where there is a curfew, enforced by armed police who will ask for the papers of anyone they do not recognise, not out of fear of the unknown stranger, but because of the strict quarantine in place to protect the future of humanity itself. A time where there is no crime, not because our petty jealousies no longer exist, but because each survivor knows there is a greater threat facing our species and only collectively can it be faced. Of a time when everyone has dark secrets in their past; where everyone is a survivor...

But I found that the more of that story I wrote, the more background I needed and the more I kept coming back to the Outbreak itself and those terrible, horrific first few months and years when everything collapsed. So I went back to the beginning. In this fourth book, this story set ten years after the outbreak, one of my characters found a journal detailing the immediate aftermath of the outbreak. The author of this journal was never named (that page had long been destroyed) nor was there any indication as to whether this diarist had survived. 

This became the series Surviving The Evacuation. Book 1, (available now) deals first with the events that caused the outbreak, then the horrors of the evacuation as the journals author escapes through Southern England.

With each novel I plan to release a short story featuring characters and events which didn't fit in the first person account of the novel. What happened in the US after the Presidents broadcast, what happened to the nuclear powered submarines, or the flotilla of refugees heading to Britain, the governments who sought exile in The Republic of Ireland, and what happened to Sam... Those questions (and many others) will be answered in the short stories, but first I wanted to explore what would happen in a Retirement Home when zombies walked the Earth. That is the story told in Zombies vs The Living Dead.

Zombies vs The Living Dead

The outbreak began in New York. Within days the world descended into chaos as the infection spread to every corner of the globe. Across Britain, millions of people are told to leave the less defensible villages, towns and cities for the safety of one of the enclaves being established around the coast.

For George Tull and the other residents of the Waverly-Price Retirement Home, evacuation is not an option. Finding the staff have left, George has to choose between trying to save those he loathes, or abandoning the woman he loves to an uncertain fate.

"Zombies vs The Living Dead" is the first in a series of short zombie stories recording the aftermath of the outbreak, and is a companion piece to the series “Surviving The Evacuation.” both are available now from Amazon.

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 1: London

The outbreak started in New York. Within days the infection had spread to every corner of the world. Nowhere is safe from the undead...

Bill watched from his window as London was evacuated. His leg broken, he is unable to join the exodus. Turning to his friends in the government, he waits and hopes for rescue. As the days turn into weeks, realising inaction will lead only to starvation and death, his thoughts turn to escape.

Forced to leave the safety of his home he ventures out into the undead wasteland that once was England, where he will discover a horrific secret.

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 1: London is the first volume in his journal and is available now from Amazon.