Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Paperback Delayed by Federal Shutdown

One of the more esoteric victims of the US Federal Shutdown has been the launch of mine (and others, I have to assume) print versions of my novel. The book is ready to go, but I'm waiting on the IRS for a tax code.

I wait with baited breath, checking the news on a half hourly basis for an agreement to be reached, and as I click refresh, I imagine the behind-the-scenes, back-room meetings. The tense stand off, on one side the Republicans, on the other the Democrats, unwashed, unshaven, haggling without sleep for days, and then someone cries, "But we must reach an agreement, think of all those British authors, waiting to publish their zombie books! Please, won't somebody think of the zombie-authors?!"

But then the page loads, and I read that the stand off continues...