Thursday, 24 October 2013

Pre-Apocalypse London (Part 2)

Here's a few more photos taken from the viewing platform on the Shard. 

The first one is of South London. Against the horizon on the left hand side is the Crystal Palace transmitter at the top of Sydenham Hill. If you look about 2mm underneath the base of the transmitter, there's a cluster of houses visible above the tree cover, just in front and to the right of those houses, hidden by foliage, is Bill Wright's house.

This is the view across the river, showing the City of London, the Gherkin and the now infamous Walkie-Talkie*. Just looking at that picture again, I can't think of a worse, but at the same time more interesting, place to end up at The End of the World.

*in case you missed the story, the angle of the glass windows reflected the late-summer sunlight in such a way that it part-melted a car parked in the street below click here for the news story on the BBC