Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Paperback Is Out! (sort of)

The paperback version of Surviving The Evacuation is now available, published by Feed-a-Read and priced at £6.99 copies can be bought by clicking here

A brief note on the layout and format:
This is a 72,000 word novel, printed in a 6 x 9 inch format (think softback or airport novel if you don't have a ruler to hand). It's an odd size, perhaps, but after playing around with formats (and remember that with printing you've got to pay for each additional page printed) this was the best compromise between physical size and layout to keep the list price down. It is almost identical to the ebook version. The only differences were the addition or removal of a few spaces between paragraphs in order that the last word or sentence of a paragraph didn't appear on a seperate page.

It will be out soon* on Amazon and (hopefully) most other major stockists. 

*soon being the proverbial length of string, but I am assured it will be no longer than a couple of weeks...