Monday, 28 October 2013

The Paperback Looks Awesome!

OK, so I know I'm meant to say that, but that doesn't stop it from being true.

Its available from: Amazon UK and and directly from the publishers feedaread and you should find it in all other major online bookstores, and available to order from any good bookshop in both hemispheres.

I'll upload some photo's later to try and convince you that this is a seriously cool looking addition to any bookshelf, but we had a storm in London last night and before I do anything else I have to deal with a tree that was uprooted in the garden.*

*OK, it's only a three foot high bay tree, and really all the storm did was knock over the pot, but how often do you get to call people and say "The storm blew over one of our trees was blown over last night."?**

** Fine, so where you are you probably get proper weather, all full of cyclones and typhoons and volcanos, but all we usually get here is rain, sun and perhaps three days a year of snow, so there's no way I'm missing this oppurtunity. What? Didn't you know the Brit's like to talk about the weather?