Monday, 25 August 2014

It takes 556 bees to make a jar of honey

I thought it would interesting to tell the story of the outbreak from a different perspective. Obviously, the first idea that came to mind was to tell if from the point of view of a hive of bees. 

Sadly, I came across a number of stumbling blocks. That number was Five Hundred and Fifty-Six, the number of bees it takes to make one pound of honey, and thus the number of central characters I would have to create and (and this is where the idea for the story collapsed) the number for which I'd have to come up with names.

The number of bees needed to make a pound of honey came from here:

And to quote from another site I came across during my research;
"Honey bees will tap about two million flowers and fly 50,000 miles (80,000 km) to make one pound (454 g) of honey."

This is from the Honey Council of Canada. Now, personally I think the idea that Canada actually has an official Honey Council is even more interesting than the fact about the bees.