Saturday, 13 September 2014

Amazon Packaging - My solution

Right, so in the UK (and in the borough in which I live) we have separate bins for garden, domestic and recyclable waste. And these are large bins. Mine is currently full of brown cardboard from Amazon. Don't get me wrong, getting sent a free storage box with every purchase has saved me a lot of money this year, but I've packed away everything I own, (and then packed the small boxes into large boxes) and I'm still left with a bin full of cardboard.
And sure, it's going to be recycled, but it's still a lot of water and energy that's going to end up wasted.

I've a solution. A while back I heard an episode of Peter Day's BBC podcast, in business: 
(it's dated Saturday 30th May, and titled Packaging in a pickle)

or direct link to the mp3 here:

In the episode they talk about edible packaging. The reason given to why it's not used is that when cooked (to sanitise it) the nutritional value is lost.
So, my solution, packaging that is soluble in water, made of some cellulose type material dosed with plant food. 
Plants don't mind if it's sanitised, or care what it tastes like. Brilliant, right?

Of course, this might be a problem in the rain (we could solve this by using hot water, perhaps redirected from the out-flow from the washing machine, say.). 

I say it's worth a try.