Saturday, 13 September 2014

Castle #2 - Eltham Palace

t's been a busy day. I've been crossing out i's and tweaking the t's in Work. Rest. Repeat. and working on Unsafe Haven (it's at 37,000 words, so about half done), and plotting out the rest of the series. Like I said. Busy day.

I don't know if I'll write all theEvacuation books for which I have ideas, certainly the one set in the US featuring the Last President (and Sholto's connection to him) may end up turning into a different story for a different series, but I do plan a book about a siege. And I mean a proper siege, one set in a castle. My big problem here is picking the right one.

Eltham Palace is my current favourite. It has a moat, filled with the largest fish I've seen in London outside of the Aquarium

But it's too close to London.
I love this place, one of the reasons being that, when it was rebuilt/restored in the 1930's, the owners wanted to have all the mod cons. Those included a central vacuum cleaner system. So in each room there is a little nozzle to which you can attach a vacuum hose, the dust and dirt then gets sucked up into some central repository. Very cool, but not very helpful when trying to withstand a siege by hundreds of thousands of the undead.