Sunday, 7 September 2014

Castles, castles, everywhere...

After I sent ‘Work Rest Repeat’ off to the editors last week, I took six hours off. Then I went back to Unsafe Haven. I’ve finished the outline and am now going through it, fleshing out the story.

There’s a couple of things I’ve noticed that I thought I’d share. For one, (just like ‘Work Rest Repeat’), this was meant to be a novella. It’s already turning into a novel.

More interestingly, you wouldn’t believe the number of great castles there are near the Scottish border where survivors could hold off a zombie horde. But I can't set this story in a castle. Why not, you ask? 

Ah, because Chirk castle is referenced in Undead Britain, a short story that’s going to be released in a horror anthology coming out this autumn.

I’ve plans for this castle, you see, and don’t want to dilute the plot by setting any of the other stories in a similar place.