Thursday, 23 October 2014

Books now available in WH Smith's

My writing 'process' (which is an incredible organised sounding phrase for what is really a frenetic assault on a keyboard) involves a notebook and a computer. Into the notebook goes every cool line, important scene, character name and so on. When I go off on a field trip, travelling the country working out which route the characters will take to or from Anglesey (or from Washington to the remote spot in Maine), the notebook comes with me, and the directions get scrawled down.

So, last night, I was looking through the notes for Book 5: Radio Free England. Underneath a line that read; "Look at him! You know how I'd describe him? A guy in desperate need of a belt."
I found another note saying that, by the end of the year, I should aim to get the books into Smith's, Foyle's and Waterstone's (they're the three largest bookstores in the UK). I'd become so lost in getting these stories written that I'd completely forgotten about that.

Well, I went online this morning and found that the books did get into Smith's. Or, the ebooks, at least. Next stop is getting the paperbacks in there, but that'll have to wait. Book 4 is heading towards completion. I've got another 10 pages to read through and then it's just the prologue and epilogue to finish. Time to get on.