Friday, 7 November 2014

Book 4 - Update

Just a quick update. I was hoping to get my side of the editing finished today. There was something about the last quarter of the book that wasn't sitting quite right. Books 4 & 5 feature a (mostly) new cast of characters, which tie into the wider story in Book 6, which will see a return of familiar faces (and perhaps an absolutely final end to the series. It's too early to say)

This section I was unhappy with  isn't that important in the terms of the story for Books 4 & 5, but it deals with Kim, Svalbard and what happens on Anglesey after the end of Book 3, neatly setting everything up for Book 6, so it's important that I get it right. To that end I ditched what I'd written and have spent the day rewriting it. 

And it is re-writ, and all is now good with the world, but I am worded out for the day, so am off to find a biscuit and something in which to dunk it.

(publication date - the end of this month or the beginning of the next. Book 5 will be out (maybe) 10 weeks after that and Book 6 out in time for the summer holidays.)