Friday, 5 December 2014

Work Rest Repeat - Free Until Sunday

Work Rest Repeat - A Post Apocalyptic Detective Story is free until Sunday.

Over the last twelve months I've been promoting the books I've written quite heavily. Whilst at least something that I've done must have worked, having run two or more promotions per week it's rather tricky working out exactly what. Following a thoroughly disastrous marketing campaign in September/November, I thought I'd see how effective it would be to give a book away for free without any promotion whatsoever (I don't count social media as this doesn't cost me anything but time).
So this is the first stage of the plan, justing putting the book up for free on Amazon for a few days and seeing how many (if any) downloads it gets by virtue of being free. The next stage (Launching Book 4 without any promotion) should follow in a couple of days. And speaking of which I should really get on with some work.