Thursday, 22 January 2015

History’s End - At Hell’s Gate Vol.2 - Out 31st January.

The second volume of the charity anthology At Hell’s Gate is coming out at the end of this month. Along with stories by notable zombologists such as Mark Tufo, there’s a 10,000 word short story in their by me.

History’s End
“Sometimes it takes a bold man, doing the wrong thing, to save the world. That is what Dr Marcus Holloway believes. He has spent his life battling the world’s diseases. Finally he has found a cure to them all. To prove it he will conduct a public demonstration. But shadowy forces are at work. Their agents have other plans.”

This is a prequel to the next series I’ll be writing, and this is going to be a series with a difference. It is a post-apocalyptic world, but one in which there is no hope of preserving civilisation nor of rebuilding it. Rather it will be the stories of the last people left on Earth. Though some of their paths may cross, it will be fleetingly, as they each realise that in a dying world comfort can only be found in the solitude of memory.

The anthology will be priced at £1.99 for the ebook, and its due for release on 31st of January. I’ll post up a link just as soon as I have it.