Friday, 27 February 2015

Backstory Radio's Apocalyptic Broadcast

I've just listened to a podcast from backstory radio that you might enjoy. It's an hour long programme about past visions of America's future (the Jetsons for instance, a book by Asimov and so on), and there's a segment in there about why people in fiction like destroying New York.

This is the link to the entire show:

This'll take you to the apocalyptic segment:

If you're like me you'll want to watch I Am Legend again after listening.

Book 5 - Update

Book 5 is at the editors. It comes in at 100,000 words (nearabouts). I was thinking of splitting the book into two, but didn't want to make you wait. (Like you I want to get onto the next book and the one after that).

The covers should be coming this weekend, and that only leaves the question of when it'll be published. March, definitely (or definitely assuming there are no major changes needed). Two weeks? Perhaps three? It's hard to say. So it will be out in March, probably nearer the end than the beginning.

After Book 5, there's a Book 6. This is a return to Anglesey, and deals with the creation of a functioning state (and the difficulties doing that in a zombopulated world). And then there is a Book ?, definitely titled The End. This may be Book 7. It might be Book 8. I won't know until I get there.

But, though this is the end for this strand of survivors, there are going to be some spin offs. One set in the US, another in Canada, each dealing with different stories that just wouldn't work in a UK setting.  (I've also got a few ideas for one set in Tasmania, but let's focus on one book at a time.)

So, Book 5 - coming soon to an internet near you (and available for bookshops to order about a day after that.)

Friday, 20 February 2015

Work Rest Repeat - £0.99 this week (paperback £4.99)

Sixty years ago, the world was destroyed in a terrible war. The few thousand survivors, and then their descendants, have spent the intervening years constructing great colony ships that will take this remnant of humanity to a new home on Mars.

With the first ship nearing completion, an election is to be held to choose the leaders for the new colony, but all is thrown into chaos when two workers are murdered. It is down to Constable Ely to solve this, the first series crime in generations. The election must take place. The launch must go ahead. Above all, production must come first.

For eagle-eyed readers of Surviving The Evacuation, this book originally began life as 'Death Comes To All', the novel by E.R.K. Daly that Bill read whilst stuck in his flat in Book 1: London. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Zombies vs The Living Dead makes the press

A review of the prequel, Zombies vs The Living Dead, appears this week in the Caterham and District Independent.

The review is written by the wonderful people at, whom the newspaper has asked to write a column on small press and independently published books. It’s all rather exciting, after all, from little acorns syndicated TV shows grow (I think that’s the expression.)

(If you've not grabbed a copy of the book, you can do so for free from Amazon, or from Kobo, Itunes, Barnes & Noble, Drivethrufiction and the other stores listed on the sidebar)

Book Angel is a pretty cool site if you’re looking for free & discounted books or for amazingly insightful reviews (not that I’m at all biased.) Go and check them out and whilst you do that, I'm off to catch a train down to Caterham to buy up every copy of that paper I can carry... Actually, now I think about it, perhaps its better to hire a van. But will one van be enough?