Thursday, 5 February 2015

Zombies vs The Living Dead makes the press

A review of the prequel, Zombies vs The Living Dead, appears this week in the Caterham and District Independent.

The review is written by the wonderful people at, whom the newspaper has asked to write a column on small press and independently published books. It’s all rather exciting, after all, from little acorns syndicated TV shows grow (I think that’s the expression.)

(If you've not grabbed a copy of the book, you can do so for free from Amazon, or from Kobo, Itunes, Barnes & Noble, Drivethrufiction and the other stores listed on the sidebar)

Book Angel is a pretty cool site if you’re looking for free & discounted books or for amazingly insightful reviews (not that I’m at all biased.) Go and check them out and whilst you do that, I'm off to catch a train down to Caterham to buy up every copy of that paper I can carry... Actually, now I think about it, perhaps its better to hire a van. But will one van be enough?