Saturday, 28 March 2015

Amazon Update - Technical Fault (theirs, not mine)

Bad news. There's some kind of technical fault at Amazon (and apparently only with my book.) It may not be corrected until 1st April (Wednesday). And that's as much as they will tell me. I've suggested re-uploading the book. They say no - this may effect whatever it is their technical people are doing. If it changes, or if they get back to me with anything more useful than that, I'll let you know.

(This is the page it should be on

In the meantime, .mobi (this is the kindle file type) versions are available here:


Smashwords: (with this coupon - HP77G)


Epubs (the file type for Ibooks and... well, pretty much every tablet and phone that isn't made by Amazon) are available from the above, but also from:




I am sorry about this, and can only say that I am as thoroughly put out by it as you are.