Saturday, 7 March 2015

Book 5 - Almost there

Book 5 has come back from the first bout of editing, been beaten up, down and into shape. I sent it off yesterday for the second batch of editing. After that I've got to go through it once more, then it's off to be proofed. One more read through after that, and then I click publish. So, it's coming so-oo-on. Definitely this month.

After Book 5, There will be a Book 6. This is set on Svalbard and Anglesey, and takes place after Book 3, featuring Bill, Kim et al, and during Books 4 and 5. 

Book 6 is very much about how to create a functioning democracy amidst an undead-ridden planet. That will be followed by a Book 7 (I've no title for this one yet) and Book 8: The End. Which, from the title, you can guess is the end for the series, or at least the British part of it. There will be some spin offs, but one book at a time...