Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Whilst you're waiting...

Two years ago (two and a bit, actually, it was March 6th), I gave up on the latest draft of my comic fantasy epic (which had been begun when I gave up on my murder mystery, and that was only after I'd abandoned the near-future space opera, and that...). I stared at the page I'd just written. The only thing about it I liked was the character with the broken leg. I went for a walk. I imagined I couldn't because my leg was broken. I drank some tea.

Zombies, I thought. That was what was missing. And so, I sat down to read some zombie books. I'd read some before, but this time I read a lot (about 60, or though it would be closer to the mark to say I started a lot and abandoned many.) and did it systematically. There are a couple that immediately stick out, so if you're looking for something to read whilst you're waiting for Book 5 (it's due back from the editors any hour now, I've got to make a few changes to some of the directions, make it clearer exactly where Marylebone is - and make a few similar changes for readers who aren't familiar with the UK - and change a paragraph at the end, but then it's off to the proofreader. So we're talking days, not weeks), I can recommend these.

Newsflesh by Mira Grant - It's a couple of decades after the zombies rose up. Humanity stumbled on, civilisation didn't collapse. Journalists were replaced by bloggers, and its from the perspective of two of those that this story is told. It's equal mix 'how the outbreak happened' and 'how to live now'. Utterly brilliant.

Allison Hewitt is trapped by Madeleine Roux -This is a journal written as a blog by someone trapped in a book store with a handful of other employees when the outbreak hits. Tensions rise, tempers flare, and there's still the undead outside to be dealt with.

It was going to be a longer list, but two other titles don't seem to be available, and one (for some baffling reason) costs close to £10 for the ebook. So, since all lists need to have at least three items to qualify, I'll add one I bought a couple of weeks ago and have been saving for my next long-distance train journey. 

Sanctuary From The Dead by R. J. Spears

"In a small southern Ohio town, Joel, a twenty-something underachiever finds himself holed up with a group of survivors as they take refuge in a church. Fighting the undead in a desperate attempt to survive, they try to maintain some semblance of what makes us human."