Sunday, 12 April 2015

Surviving The Evacuation Audio Books - Coming (really) Soon

It’s with genuine pleasure I announce that Surviving The Evacuation will soon be available as a series of audiobooks. (Woohoo!)

It’s taken a long time, and a lot of auditions, but I’m a big fan of audiobooks and really wanted to get these adaptations just right. We've finally found the perfect actor to narrate Bill Wright’s journals: Tim Bruce (and in my opinion he is absolutely perfect.)

He’s an experienced and multi-talented actor (and singer, though I won’t be introducing any songs into the books.) You can find more about him on his website:

You can find clips of his audiobook work on his studio website here:

Initially we will be producing Book 1: London, aiming to have it sent to Audible/Amazon/Itunes for distribution next month (mid May). Once we’ve ironed out the cricks and smoothed out the bumps, we’ll be producing Zombies vs The Living Dead, Book 2: Wasteland and Book 3: Family, aiming for a summer release date, with the rest of the series available soon after. More concrete dates will be announced just as soon as they’ve been set.

Though Audible’s policy may change, as it currently stands I will be able to offer a limited number of review copies. I’ll be doing this through the mailing list (if you’ve not signed up yet, please do so in the box at the top of the page. You’ll only get an email when there’s a new release or an opportunity to grab a free review copy.)