Friday, 3 April 2015

The Price of Books - Then and Now

I received a rather cool gift recently:

It's the same design as the penguin cover for their 1960s reprint of The Day of the Triffids, complete with the price printed in the bottom right corner. That price, if you can't read it is 2'6d (or two shillings and six pence)

Naturally, this got me thinking; what's 2'6d in modern currency?

With twelve pence to a shilling, that comes to a total of 30 pence. 
According to this calculator:

It comes to £6.09. According to Amazon, The Day of the Triffids has a current list price of £8.99.

Which certainly made me think a fair bit (mostly on how glad I am we ditched imperial currency, and on how long it'll be before we can abandon miles and feet. Seriously, calculations in cubic feet are maddening.)