Friday, 18 December 2015

Two books, one book?

Strike a Match (or at least this first story in this universe) tells the story of a conspiracy, and as such there is a natural ending for this set of novels (either the conspirators win, the cops foil them, or something somewhere in between). For the last three weeks I've been vacillating over whether I can wrap the conspiracy up in one novel, or whether it requires two.

For example, yesterday I was editing/rewriting a passage where our heroes journey north. There was a two-thousand word section that was fun but which didn't advance the story, so I deleted all two thousand words of it. I went for my walk, thinking that, yes, this is going to be one book rather than two.

This morning's task was to polish a two hundred word paragraph that leads into the next action scene. Just as that first burst of caffeine was singing through my veins, I realised I'd missed out a vital clue. Those two hundred words have now become three thousand, and we're back to this conspiracy being told as Strike a Match Books 2 & 3.

Whether it's two books or one, there will be more books in this universe. At the moment the plan is to release one or two a year, initially focusing on the years Mitchell spent wandering the wasteland, bringing law to the brigands. We'll then be crossing the Atlantic to tell the story of a post-apocalyptic presidential election. As for the next book. It's probably going to be called Counterfeit Conspiracy (Strike a Match 2), and should be out in Jan/Feb as planned. I'm at the halfway point in my edit/rewrite and should be done by Christmas, with the first round of editing to be finished before the New Year.

I will keep you updated...