Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016? Here we go…

Wow! 2015 went by pretty fast. Or slow. Looking back it's hard to tell. Anyway, on with the new year...

I'm on the final, final (third time's the charm) rewrite of Counterfeit Conspiracy (Strike a Match 2), and have just reached the last chapter (it's called 'The Forest'.) I've a few minor details to change earlier in the book, but it should be off to the proofreaders later this week.

Originally, I planned for this story to be told over three books, but I've managed to find a way of wrapping it up in two. There will be a third book but it'll deal with the social impact of the crime wave (More on that, and why it's not a trilogy, when the book's finished.) One upshot is that, having wrapped up most of the story lines, I feel no qualms about leaving this universe and writing another zombie book. The next one on the slate will be Surviving The Evacuation: Zero, the story of Sholto, New York, and the missing <redacted for reasons of national security>

After that... well, I don't know what order I'll be writing these books in, but I've got a plan for a Book 8 & 9 (Sholto's return to the US. I've come up with an absolutely brilliant way of getting rid of zombies, so this story must be told). The big question is how many novels I need to write to cover the months between the outbreak and his return. I won't know that until I get cracking with his story.

As I said, there will be a Strike a Match 3 (and a 4, which is a Henry Mitchell prequel), as well as two sequels to Work Rest Repeat (I finally found a great plot for these after dozens and dozens of drafts). And then... well, by then we're probably well into 2017 if not beyond.

Audiobooks - Book 4: Unsafe Haven should go into production at the end of Jan, beginning of Feb. The rest will follow (budget allowing) soon after.

So, it's a busy year for me, and I should get back to it.

Hoping that you find this coming year is better than the last (what more can any of us ever hope for?),
Happy New Year,