Thursday, 31 March 2016

Coming very, very soon: Here We Stand (Surviving The Evacuation)

nz;dr (no zombies; didn't read) Here We Stand Infected (Surviving the Evacuation) Out this April

SPOILER WARNING - The below may contain spoilers for Surviving The Evacuation Books 2 & 3

Just a quick update to say that the next Evacuation book is almost done. It's still about Sholto, his escape from an undead America, the conspirators on that side of the Atlantic, and how he tried to stop them.

I've got to check the commas, double check everything ties in with the events in the previously published books, triple check I've counted the ammunition correctly (this shouldn't take long as they don't find very much of it), and then go through my check list (it's got the words I use too frequently, and not frequently enough). Once that's done, I'll probably put it aside for a week or so as I work on the follow up. Why not publish it immediately?

I'd originally planned this to be two books, the first staring Sholto, the second featuring Nate, a college student from Notre Dames working in the White House ostensibly recording footage for a documentary as part of a get-out-the-vote effort. (Nate is featured very briefly in Book 1 as one of the sources of the video clips Bill has watched). As he is in the White House, Nate would have a close view of the collapse of the federal government.

And then I realised that, since Sholto is in contact with Bill, he can also be in contact with Nate, and so I didn't need this second book. (Yay)

I went back to the beginning, re-writing away, and... well... the events in this book have to tally with those already described in Books 1-3. One of those is that Sholto left the U.S. one month after the outbreak. In this final(ish) draft, the first week took sixty-thousand words, with only thirty thousand for the remaining three weeks. That disparity was too great. The ending too rushed. The obvious solution was to go back to two novels, but where both of them are about Sholto.

So, since they aren't about an evacuation, and since I didn't like the idea of Zero Part I & II, or Evacuation USA (for most of the journey, Sholto is in company with Helena, a teacher who has a sister in Canada. That sister is a character in the draft of the Canadian novel I'd planned, and which I may still write, so calling this USA just wouldn't work), I've gone for:
"Here We Stand 1. Infected"
"Here We Stand 2. Divided"

After these two, I'll be working on Surviving the Evacuation, Book 8: Anglesey (another journal) & a story set in the Midlands. After that, it'll be Sholto's return to the US. And after that... we'll see. I've an idea for jumping the story forward five years, and I'd also like to write another Strike a Match novel and I've come up with an Evacuation story that begins in Dusseldorf and... and... and... and one book at a time.

Audiobooks - I'm chasing these up at the moment. I hope to have some news soon.