Saturday, 23 April 2016

Unsafe Haven Audiobook - Out Now

Surviving the Evacuation 4: Unsafe Haven is out now in audiobook

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“There are no reported outbreaks in the UK or Ireland.” That's what the government broadcast. Nilda didn’t believe it. Not trusting the authorities, she, and her son, Jay, stayed behind when Penrith was evacuated. After weeks of rationing, there's little food left in the small town and many other survivors competing for it. Choosing diplomacy over violence, she attempts to forge a community out of a disparate group, but as the number of the undead grow, she realises that they will have to seek sanctuary elsewhere.

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Apologies for the delay to the UK paperback of Here We Stand being available on Amazon. There's a problem somewhere in the database (I blame zombie gremlins). I've been told they're trying to fix it. The book is available to order at your local bookstore and should be available to order from Amazon UK soon (the RRP is £6.99).

Here We Stand 2: Divided is progressing nicely and should be finished in a month or so. I may plunge straight into the Midlands story straight after that (current possible titles include 'Undead Upon Avon' and 'Prepping The Midlands'. I doubt I'll use either, but they may give a clue as to location and content). I had planned to write Book 8 next, but I keep getting these great ideas for this story. At this rate, I'll have an outline finished around the time that 2: Divided is published. Book 8 is coming, however, as are a couple more novels in this universe.

I hope you enjoy the audiobook, and the rest of your weekend. :)