Friday, 13 May 2016

Surviving the Evacuation has some new covers (Part 1)

As part of a rebrand, I've had some new covers designed:

I think they're great. (These have been designed by I'd thoroughly recommend this company).  I'll be uploading these to the various sites over the next few hours. Books 4-7 will also get a rebranding, but... um... I'm trying to work out how to explain this without revealing any spoilers. Okay, here goes. Book 8 will be a first person journal written for the survivors of a small community in... oh, well, since the book is called Anglesey I guess there's no point being coy about where the story is set. Because it's written as a journal, some events wouldn't be written down. These events are critical to the final final novel in this phase of the series, so I'll need a story told in the third person to include the discussion of these events. I'm not sure which characters will be in this story, but it will have an impact on whether Books 4-7 should have a slightly different cover to Books 1-3 & 8.
Is that too vague? Probably. I've got to write out a few different outlines before I make a final decision, but should have it all finished around the time Here We Stand Divided is released.

Have a great weekend. :)