Monday, 26 September 2016

Surviving The Evacuation 8: Anglesey - Out Now

Bill's back. He's trapped. He's alone. He's unconcerned.

Paperbacks (should be available to order from Amazon on Wednesday, and from your local bookshop on Friday)

(It will also be available on Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Smashwords & Tolino)

Eight months after the outbreak, Bill Wright is trapped during a survey mission of Ireland. Surrounded by the undead, low on food and lower on water, he’s been in this situation before. Unlike before, help is only a rifle shot away. While waiting for the rescue he’s sure will come, he records the turbulent events since his last entry.

The Welsh island of Anglesey has become a sanctuary for survivors from across the zombie-infested world. It has electricity, wheat, and not much else. Medicines and equipment, plants and fertiliser, books and batteries, and so much more are needed if this last bastion of civilisation is to survive. Scavenging expeditions depart for Svalbard, Liverpool, and the southern Atlantic, but a discovery is made far nearer, one which will change the fate of all those who’ve come to call Anglesey home.

Set on Anglesey, in Bangor and Caernarfon, and in the Republic of Ireland, Bill’s journals continue, as do the adventures of Kim, Annette, Sholto, George, Mary, and a few other familiar characters (not all of whom are to be trusted...)

I'd recommended that you read the spin-off stories, Here We Stand 1: Infected & 2: Divided, before this novel.

The series will continue in Book 9: Belfast, out this winter


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