Saturday, 20 May 2017

Here We Stand 1 & 2 - Out now in Audiobook

Here We Stand 1 & 2 are out now in Audiobook on Audible, Amazon, & iTunes (also available in ebook and paperback)

Within hours of the outbreak in Manhattan, the quarantine was sabotaged. As the United States collapses, Sholto escapes New York to search for those responsible, hoping he can stop the undead.


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(They should be available on Amazon Australia and other Amazon sites later this weekend)
Tom Clemens has been living in the shadows for years, searching for those responsible for the death of his family. Framed for murder, he is on the run when the first outbreak occurs. With thousands of others, he fights his way out of New York, and joins the exodus searching for a safe refuge in America. On that journey he learns the identity of those responsible for the betrayal of the species, and of a scientist who might be able to stop the living dead. So begins his quest to save humanity. 
Here We Stand 1: Infected and Here We Stand 2: Divided are part of the post-apocalyptic series Surviving the Evacuation. This story of patient zero and Sholto's attempts to halt the collapse of America can be heard/read before or after Surviving the Evacuation Books 1-7.

Coming soon: Surviving the Evacuation 11 - Chester's back! (so are Nilda, Tuck & Jay, but the story is mostly about Chester, the soldier, Bran (who helped Mary & George get to Anglesey, worked with Chester setting up safe houses across England and Wales, and who met Tuck & Jay in Book 5), and a few other characters whose identity will remain secret as their appearance is the twist. This book will continue on from Book 10 (and Book 7) and deal with the events described in Book 10's epilogue.

Also coming soon: Strike a Match 3 - This is my fifth attempt at this book, Writing a crime novel (or this kind of crime novel) turned out to be a tad more difficult than I was expecting, but it's finally almost finished (I'm halfway through the final draft). I think it'll be out this summer.

Coming soon to audio: Surviving the Evacuation 8: Anglesey is being recorded at the moment. It should be out in June. 9 & 10 will be recorded in July/August so should be out later this summer. Strike a Match 1-3 have been booked in for August/September so will be out late summer/early autumn. 

Happy listening, and have a great weekend.
Frank :)