Saturday, 29 July 2017

Can you pronounce Dwygyfylchi?

I was aiming to publish Surviving the Evacuation 11: Search & Rescue tomorrow, and thought I was on a final read through, but I've been making too many tweaks and changes. I will have to declare this the penultimate read through, and say I'll publish Book 11 some point later this week. Apologies for the delay.

Audiobooks: Book 9 was sent to Audible on Thursday, so should be available in a couple of weeks.


Not all survivors are to be trusted. Not all the conspirators are dead.
February: Within hours of the outbreak, the quarantine was sabotaged. Within days, the world was gripped by civil war.

March: When the lights finally went out, billions were dead. Millions more had joined the ranks of the undead.

May: Anglesey has become home to nearly ten thousand survivors from across the Atlantic. While there is still danger from the undead on the mainland, there is hope. Hope that the zombies might die, hope that the electricity supply might be restored, and hope that more survivors will be found. Hope is not enough. Sergeant Branofski and Chester Carson venture into northern Wales to set up a network of safe houses that will provide a route to Anglesey for those still trapped in the wasteland. Though they find survivors, they discover something far worse.

September: Nowhere is safe from the living dead, not even The Tower of London. The ancient fortress has become home to nearly a hundred people. Food is scarce and the undead are many. The survivors are doomed unless help can be found, but the only place it can come from is Anglesey. Eamonn Finnegan sets out, alone, to seek their salvation. He never reaches Wales.
November: In her heart, Greta knows that Eamonn is dead, yet she has to look for her lost love because he would look for her. Chester Carson joins her in the futile quest to ensure the search doesn’t cost Greta her life. Before their journey has barely begun, they discover an old foe that they thought was dead.

Set on Anglesey and in London, near Wrexham and in Birmingham, while hope is fading for the last survivors of humanity.


So, can you pronounce Dwygyfylchi?

This is a village in Wales close to where Bishop’s campsite was. While it's in contention for the coolest place name in Wales, it’s not the only one that features. There’s an important scene that takes place near Rhosllannerchrugog , and another at the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.

The Aqueduct features on the cover, and was going to take a rather prominent part in the story. In the end, I cut out everything but the final part of the story of the people who had taken refuge among its ruins. Frustratingly (for me) this wasn’t the only location that was cut. The Grand Union Canal has been relegated to only a few brief mentions, Wrexham is never visited, and Cambridge doesn’t get mentioned at all. Perhaps in the next book.

I’ve tried to tie up a lot of loose ends in this book, and though it doesn’t quite end on a cliffhanger, it does set the stage for the final part of the Anglesey story (though not the final part of the series.) Tuck, Nilda and Jay will feature more in the next book, but more of that closer to the time.

If you were wondering which books (or parts of books) to re-read prior to publication, I would suggest the prologue and epilogue of Book 7, and the epilogue of Book 10. And, with that, I shall return to this penultimate read-through so I can get on with the final read-through, and then, finally, publish the book.

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Book 8: Anglesey - out now in Audiobook

Surviving the Evacuation, 8: Anglesey is out now in Audiobook narrated by Tim Bruce

(Please note, this story includes characters and events first introduced in the prequel stories Here We Stand: Infected & Here We Stand: Divided - both out now in audiobook)

Eight months after the outbreak, Bill Wright is trapped in Ireland. Surrounded by the undead, low on food and lower on water, he's been in this situation before. Unlike before, help is only a rifle-shot away. While waiting for the rescue he is sure will come, he records the turbulent events since his last entry. 
The Welsh island of Anglesey has become a sanctuary for survivors from across the zombie-infested world. It has electricity, wheat, and not much else. Medicines and ammunition, seeds and fertilizer, books and batteries, and so much more are needed if this last bastion of civilization is to survive. Scavenging expeditions depart for Svalbard, Liverpool, and the southern Atlantic, but a discovery is made far nearer, one which will change the fate of all those who have come to call Anglesey home. 
Set on Anglesey, in Bangor and Caernarfon, and in the Republic of Ireland, this is the next volume of Bill Wright's journals. Please note that there is a two-part prequel which chronicles Sholto's escape from an undead America: Infected (Here We Stand, book one) and Divided (book two) are available as audiobooks now.

Book 9: Ireland is currently being recorded, we hope to have it finished by 20th July.

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(It should be available on other Amazon sites in the next few days & on iTunes later tonight)

Book 11 is mostly finished, I'm adding depth and detail to the story now, and will have it published in late July, maybe August. (As per usual, I'm still undecided about the title. I was going to call it 'An Empty Country', though I'm now veering towards 'Dark Days'. If I can't settle on one soon, I'll use a geographical reference. As more of the story takes place in this city rather than anywhere else, I'd call it 'Birmingham'.)

Enjoy the audiobook, and happy Independence Day to Captain Devine and everyone else who celebrates it.

Frank :)