Friday, 8 September 2017

Do you have a zombie plan?

The polling company, YouGov, conducted a survey of Brits, asking how many had a zombie plan. Only/as many as (delete as appropriate) 11% have.

The survey then went on to ask what that zombie plan was. In that spirit, I thought I’d share my zombie plan:

1. Stay put, catch up on my reading until my kindle runs out of power.

2. Go to Bill’s house (it is a real house) and have a look around (I’ve never been inside.) Hopefully find another kindle and catch up on someone else’s reading.

3. Go to the British Museum and ‘rescue’ the Rosetta Stone (just because), travelling via the Tower (natch) to stock up on weapons (particularly that hanger of King George), saying ‘hi’ to any warders, or readers who’ve taken refuge there.

4. Go to the British Library and find the paperback versions of all the other books on my reading list.

5. Debate whether it would be too ironic to write a journal detailing the history of the zombocalypse.

Books Update:

Strike A Match 3: Endangered Nation is almost finished (Woohoo!) I’d hoped to have it out before the 27th September as that’ll mark the 4 year anniversary of publishing Book 1: London and Zombies vs The Living Dead, but I’ve become a little distracted by George Tull and a scene in Book 12. I’ve only got a few minor details to tweak, so, when I do get back to it (probably next week) there isn’t much to do and I may well meet that deadline.

As to why it’s taken so long to finish this book, the short answer is that I was trying too hard to make it a detective novel (a Sherlock Holmes novel if I’m honest) but while it has an investigation at it’s core, this story is far more about life twenty years after the apocalypse. As to what it specifically is about, the only hint I’ll give now is that Book 4 will finish this arc, and it’s called ‘Over By Christmas’ (and I’ll have it published in 2018) More on this in a week or so.

Audiobooks: Serious Crimes (Fiona Hardingham) and Book 10 (Tim Bruce) are both being recorded at the mo. Both books have been delayed a little as both narrators have been busy with acting gigs over the summer, but both should be out in October.

Surviving the Evacuation: While the main story is set in stone, I had a major rethink about which characters were best to tell it. I don’t want to give too much away in case I change my mind again, but it looks like Books 12 & 13 will finish this arc, will feature at least one chapter each set in Belfast, London, and Anglesey, and that, hopefully, it will feature a slightly extended, action-packed prologue set in the U.S. before the outbreak.

Have a great weekend (and if you’ve not done it yet, do remember to create a zombie plan.)

Frank :)