Friday, 27 October 2017

Strike a Match 3: Endangered Nation, out now

In 2019, the AIs went to war. Three days later, hundreds of nuclear missiles were launched. The electromagnetic pulse destroyed the machines, but the radiation and ensuing famine nearly destroyed humanity.
By 2039, civilisation had regressed to the age of steam, but newer technologies were on the horizon. The future looked bright until the warlords swept through Europe. Villages and towns were laid waste, the few thousand people who’d hacked out a life in the continental wasteland were butchered. It was only when the barbarians reached the British garrison in Calais that they were stopped. And so, another war began.
In Dover, life goes on. Food needs to be grown. Children need to be taught. For Ruth Deering, the city’s newest police officer, crimes need to be solved. When an artist is murdered, an investigation begins that will take her far beyond the city’s walls and, ultimately, determine the fate of their fragile democracy.

Set in Britain and France, twenty years after the world we know was destroyed.

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Paperbacks are available from Amazon now, and should be available to order from your local bookshop or library early next week.

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The audiobook will be recorded in November. (Serious Crimes, the first novel in the series, is now with Audible, and should be out in a few weeks.)

Coming Soon: Surviving the Evacuation 12: Britain's End

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Friday, 20 October 2017

Audiobook, Surviving the Evacuation 10: The Last Candidate, out now

Surviving the Evacuation 10: The Last Candidate, is out now as an audiobook.

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(It should be live on Amazon Australia, Canada, Germany and other sites within the next few hours, and on iTunes by tomorrow morning.)

Nine months after the outbreak, 10,000 survivors have found a refuge on the Welsh island of Anglesey. Hordes of the undead ravage the wastelands of Britain and Ireland. Satellite images show that the rest of the world is no better. Food, fuel, and ammunition are running low and there are no more old-world supplies with which to replace them. Intended as an alternative to a slide into despotism, an election is called. It is hoped the contest will bring forth solutions to the myriad crises facing this last bastion of humanity.

After the favoured candidate is hospitalised, suspicion falls on the new frontrunner, a publican who purchased his support with an impossible promise of a return to the pre-apocalyptic world. With no viable candidate, and no way of calling off the election, those who still have access to a ship plan their departure; others plan to rig the contest; a few give up on all plans for a future beyond tomorrow. Anglesey is on the verge of collapse, and humanity is on the brink of extinction.

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