Thursday, 11 January 2018

Surviving the Evacuation 12: Britain's End, out now.

Humanity is at a crossroads. Either all will survive, or our species will perish.

Anglesey became a refuge for survivors from across the world, but living in the shadow of a decrepit nuclear power station always made for a precarious existence. There is only one destination for their final exodus from Britain, but Belfast won’t become their new home.

There are fewer undead on the island of Ireland, but their numbers still count in the millions. With farming impossible, with the weather worsening, with ammunition exhausted, desperation turns to despair. All seems bleak, but the survivors don’t know how truly desperate their situation is. During the chaos that ensued after the calamitous election, they misjudged the evidence. Their true enemy is still among them, and that enemy is about to act.

Set nine months after the outbreak, in Britain and the island of Ireland, when humanity is at a crossroads. Either all will survive, or our species will die.

Book 12: Britain's End is available now in ebook from:

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It should be out on Toilno, Nook, and the other smaller sites, by Friday.
Paperbacks should be available to order from Amazon on Friday, and from The Book Depository on Saturday, and all good bookshops from Monday.


Book 11: Search and Rescue is available now from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes as are Serious Crimes and Counterfeit Conspiracy.
Recording of Book 12 & Endangered Nation should begin in the next week or so
Book 12 was a lot of fun to write, so I'm glad to say that it isn't the final book in the series. This part of the story will continue in Book 13: Mort Vivant, out late spring (Title tbc). As to whether there will be a Book 14 will very much depend on whether any of our heroes survive...

Happy reading, Happy New Year, and may your 2018 remain zombie-free (except in fiction)
Frank :)