Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Book 14: Mort Vivant, Out Now

Not all people died. Not all gave up hope.

The outbreak was in February. By the end of November, Earth has become a hellish wasteland ravaged by the undead.

Survivors from across the Atlantic seaboard took refuge on the Welsh island of Anglesey. Beset by dangers from within, they departed to establish a new refuge in Belfast. Not all of them arrived. Six took the last plane on its last flight, but crashed in France.

Expecting a sprinting battle through the ruins of Belfast, they packed light. With few weapons and barely any food, their chances of survival are slim. The chances of rescue are slimmer. There was no evacuation in France. No quarantine. No rationing. But there are zombies, and there are people who believe they, alone, are the last survivors of the old-world. So begins a frantic race against the undead, through the snow and storm ravaged ruins of Northern France.


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It should be available on Barnes & Noble and other stores by tomorrow.

Paperbacks should be available to order from Amazon this evening (GMT), and from your local bookshop (and some libraries) by the weekend.

Audiobooks: The entire series up to Book 13 (including Here We Stand) is available as a digital audiobook from Amazon, iTunes, and Audible. The narrator, Tim Bruce, is currently on tour, but back in September, and we hope to get into the studio to record Book 14 near the end of the month.


Coming next
One way or another, humanity's search for a new home will come to an end in Book 15, out next. This won't be the end of the series, however. Old foes rear their heads in Outback Outbreak. (No prizes for guessing where that book is set!), while old friends will return in Book 16.


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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Out now in Audiobook, Book 13: Future's Beginning

Out now in Audiobook, Book 13: Future's Beginning




For good or ill, the future has begun.

After the outbreak came the nuclear war. The blasts killed millions. Chaos followed. Most of those unlucky enough not to succumb to starvation and disease joined the ranks of the living dead.
Fleeing the impossible nightmare, 10,000 from nations across the Atlantic seaboard found refuge on the Welsh island of Anglesey. There, they should have been safe. There, they should have been able to rebuild. There, they were betrayed.

Forced to flee once more, a hasty exodus was planned, but those plans were sabotaged. The survivors became scattered across the island of Ireland. Old-world supplies are scarce, hope is running out, and safety is just a memory. The snow has come, and though rain will soon follow, winter has truly begun.

In Dundalk, 800 survivors have occupied a local college, but the campus is too dispersed to defend. As they scour the snow-covered town for a safe route to the sea, they find signs of long-fled survivors and answers to a question they hadn't asked.

In Belfast, the situation is increasingly precarious. There are saboteurs in their midst. As the investigation into their identity slowly progresses, the terrorists continue to plot. Rumors of a mutiny escalate into a riot, while an unseen clock ticks ever closer toward humanity's destruction.

Set in Belfast and Dundalk over three days that change everything.

Coming next (towards the end of August), Book 14: Mort Vivant.
Stranded in France, Bill and Chester begin the long trek home. Can they trust their companions? Can they trust the survivors they meet? Have they really found a way to ensure the survival of humanity? Perhaps...

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