Sunday, 19 January 2020

Surviving the Evacuation 17: There We Stood, out now!

As one year ends, and our old world fades into memory, a new future is born.


On a frozen archipelago, where it is too cold to farm, a few thousand survivors from across the Atlantic have found a refuge. The arduous process of turning a sanctuary into a home begins once more for these weary travellers who’ve been chased from Britain, from Ireland, from France and Denmark. But their work is not yet done. The missing Marines cannot be left behind. The French and Ukrainians cannot be abandoned. The cartel can never be forgotten.

As soldiers once again become civilians, the dangers of malnutrition replace the everyday spectre of starvation. Potential mutiny supersedes being overrun by the undead. Boredom replaces fear. Slowly, they relax, allowing themselves to enjoy the simple pleasures of music and plays, of weddings and births, of life without the imminent prospect of death. But all is not what it seems in the snowy wastes surrounding their town.

While Europe is a zombie-filled radioactive wasteland, there are other continents. Other oceans. Other survivors, who will fight to keep what they’ve the clawed from the grip of the apocalyptic nightmare.

Set in Northern Europe, Eastern Canada, and the tumultuous seas between, as one year ends, and a new civilisation dawns.


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It should be out on iTunes, Scribd, and the other sites in the next 24 hours. Paperbacks should be available from Monday, and the audiobook will be out soon.


The next 5 books will continue (and conclude) the story of Lisa Kempton, the Pacific Alliance, while the foundations of a new society are laid. After these five, we’ll see where things go, but I think this will lay the framework for an interesting, and longer-term, exploration of post-apocalyptic Earth (assuming that the last survivors of humanity haven’t been wiped out, of course).

Coming later in 2020: No More News, the story of Olivia, and Pete and Corrie. & No More Rules, Tess and Mick’s hunt for the serial killer through the apocalyptic wastes of Australia. (and, of course, Book 18)

I’d also like to publish a few non-apocalyptic novels, but more about them when they’ve been written.

Sorry for the wait, and I hope you enjoy the adventure,


PS, for this book, I’m going to break with tradition and recommend you stock up on apple pie and root beer rather than tea. :)