Wednesday, 5 August 2020

No More News, Audiobook, out now

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It should be out on Amazon and iTunes/iBooks later today.

When Pete Guinn traveled to Australia to find his missing sister, he left behind the woman he loved. In the city he once called home, panic and chaos arrive long before the living dead. As South Bend burns to the ground, Olivia flees, seeking safety in the remote woods of Michigan. But the backwoods are no safer than the outback, and nowhere is remote enough to escape the horrors of the living dead.
With global communications systems fractured, Pete Guinn and his sister, Corrie, are a small part of a large effort to re-establish contact between the forces still fighting the undead. As they journey east across Canada, they instead find the frontline. An army is being formed out of Canadians and refugees from the United States, out of retirees, reservists, and conscripts. Night and day, a war is waged against an enemy that doesn’t tire or retreat, ask for quarter or offer it. But victory is in sight. The undead can be defeated. As long as the supply lines are maintained. As long as the ultimate sacrifice is selflessly made again and again. As long as the worst of the apocalypse is behind them. But though the apocalypse has begun, the reckoning is still to come.
Set in Canada and the U.S. Midwest, continuing the story of the survivors in the Pacific, which began in Outback Outbreak, No More News is a story of love and war as the apocalypse tears our world apart.

Apologies for the super-long wait.
Coming next week (ish): While the Lights Are On
Coming soon: Book 18: When Worlds Collide, the story of the first meeting between the survivors of the Atlantic and the Pacific, set partly in the same locations as No More News, and partly elsewhere, though I can't say where because that'd spoil the surprise.

A World of Magic: Life After Lockdown.
A contemporary comic fantasy set in Yorkshire and in the monster-filled tunnels beneath the Isle of Wight which I began back on 2008. It's changed a fair bit from the original idea, (I've added our pandemic for one thing) but it's still very much a story about our world, just with magic. (And dragons. Lots of dragons.)

Happy listening, Frank :)