Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Out Now: While the Lights Are On (Surviving the Evacuation)

While the Lights Are On

Life Goes On Book 3 (Surviving the Evacuation)
Save Australia, Save the World.

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Three weeks after the outbreak, most nations have collapsed. An ever-increasing number of refugees flee, by boat and air, to the perceived safety of the remote Pacific nations. In Australia, every able body is conscripted, local and newcomer alike. The lucky few are put to work in the new factories, farms, and mines. The unlucky many are given tools for weapons, put aboard cruise-ships and cargo freighters, and returned to the ever-moving frontline. But even though the death toll rises, victory is still within reach.

The recordings made in North America by Pete and Corrie Guinn contained more than the siblings realised. The footage from Canada and Michigan is further confirmation the outbreak was no accident. The Canadian scientist, Dr Avalon, can prove it.

As Commissioner Tess Qwong takes justice to the increasingly lawless outback, Anna Dodson brings order to the chaos of Parliament House, and Dr Avalon works on a weapon to finally destroy the undead. But no plans can survive the impact of a nuclear bomb.

From a lawless natural gas refinery in Queensland to the once golden coast of New South Wales. Behind the barricaded streets of Canberra and in the bunker beneath Parliament House, there is still hope for Australia, the Pacific, the world, as long as the lights remain on.


Audiobook and Paperback coming soon.

No bilbies, kangaroos, or wombats were harmed during the production of this book. I wish I could say the same about spiders.

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